July 17, 2017
small bumps on forehead

Why do small bumps on forehead won’t go away?



Do you have small, colorless breakouts all over your forehead giving your face a bumpy texture? While these small bumps may not hurt or itch, they can be quite a nuisance and a constant source of low self-esteem. Unfortunately, unlike the ordinary acne, these small bumps on forehead won’t go away unless you understand the underlying reasons for their presence and take appropriate action to deal with them.

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Causes and remedies

There are many factors that cause these tiny bumps. These include clogged pores, gluten and cortisol levels in the body.

Skin congestion

small bumps on forehaed won't go away

Small bumps on forehead


Small breakouts on your forehead usually indicate that your skin is congested. Though clogged pores can occur anywhere on the face, they are more likely to happen at the chin area and forehead.
The bumps are the body’s way of telling you that the pores are probably blocked by dead skin cells, skin care products, sebum, and pollutants. When all these debris accumulates on the surface of the skin, they cause these troublesome bumps on the forehead.
Ordinarily, these small bump-like breakouts are painless until they are squeezed. Most people resort to squeezing the bumpsin an attempt to eliminate them as they give the face a bumpy look and feel.


To get rid of these tiny fleshy bumps caused by clogged pores, you need to double cleanse the skin. Double cleansing involves removing all skin care products thoroughly at the end of the day and washing the face again to get rid of sebum and dead skin.
While these small bumps on forehead won’t go away unless you double cleanse the face, you need to know how to go about it safely. Though double cleansing is a great way of eliminating the bumps, engaging in this process in the morning can irritate and dry out the skin. You should only engage in double cleansing at night after a long day of wearing makeup.

Gluten allergy


Gluten sensitivity causes trouble in two ways. First gluten changes the integrity of the gut creating cracks in the lining of the digestive system which allows toxins to recirculate back into the blood system. Secondly, people with gluten allergy are unable to digest gluten completely. As a result, large molecules enter the bloodstream. These are immediately flagged down as intruders by the immune system which activates the counter-attack response by the immune system resulting in inflammation that causes the acne-like bumps.


If you suspect your breakouts are due to gluten sensitivity, consider eliminating all foods that contain gluten such as wheat for a month and see if that helps in relieving the condition.



Stress has a way of causing havoc in the body including breakouts. When the body is under intense pressure, it secretes cortisol in response to stress. Various studies show that people with over-active cortisol secretion system usually experience various skin conditions including acne. In addition, stress can aggravate an existing acne problem.


To deal with stress related acne, you need to consider engaging in stress-managing activities such as meditation and exercise.


Ultimately, while these small bumps on forehead won’t go away unless the underlying cause is identified and dealt with, the good news is that they are not impossible to eliminate.

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