May 16, 2017
Knowing neck acne

What is neck acne?

Neck acne is a skin defect. Main signs of acne are the development of bumps on the skin surface. These bumps are caused by the accumulation of oil, and dead skin cells beneath the skin. The sebaceous glands found beneath the skin produce a substance called sebum which is quite useful to our body. The sebum produced makes our skin waterproof and regulates body temperature accordingly, that is during cold conditions the body is kept warm and during hot conditions, the body is cooled. The sebum also acts a natural lubricant, that ensures that your skin is soft.

However, sometimes this substance can be quite harmful. The sebum is transported from the glands to the skin top layer by a pore called a follicle. As the sebum is transported it carries with it the dead skin cells and bacteria to the skin surfaces. Sometimes the sebum may clog the follicle. This triggers the body to produce the white blood cells to deal with the bacteria. All these substances may not all go through the pore and thus clump together forming purse which results in the bumps seen on the skin.

Neck acne - What is it? How to cure it? Preventing it reoccurence

Knowing neck acne

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Causes of neck acne

Neck acne is quite a common skin defect and has quite a number of causes. These include:

  • Hair maintenance products. These are the many products people use on the hair for their many, the most common one being enhancing the beauty. Some of the products we all are fond of using contain sodium sulfate as an ingredient. The issue with sodium sulfate is that it leaves a layer of oils on your skin. This is so because all products we use on the hair will end up on the skin surface, not necessarily on your skin though, a hug from your friend will create contact and leave the products on your friend’s skin.
  • The diet we consume has a great contribution to how you look.There is nothing wrong with consuming crunchy foods with high levels of salt concentration and carbohydrates. But keep in mind that these two foods contain iodine and glycogen. When the two are highly concentrated in the food consumed then one is likely to contract acne. This happens when your skin is trying to secrete the high levels of iodine in the body which end up clogging the pores and thus you develop bumps on your skin
  • Change of climate either when on vacation or visiting your son or even school. All these circumstances will force you to move from place to place. Everything in the new place will be quite okay but Mother Nature does not guarantee that the weather at home will be similar to that of your new place. The water may also taste a little bit different, may be hard or soft water. All these may have a negative impact on your skin resulting in acne.
  • Electronic gadgets. We cannot deny the fact that the technological world is better than the world without technology. But if the skin would communicate then it would prefer the old world. Think about your headphone or earphones. After work when you are tired or after jogging where do you put them? On your desk, I would guess. The same case applies to the cell phones. You cannot deny the fact that sometimes you sleep while listening to music and in the morning you wake up to pick them from the ground and listen to music or make a call. All these gadgets will have lots of bacteria on the surface you had placed them and will transfer them to your skin. This will results in severe skin infections, acne included.

How to cure neck acne

  • As a disease that is caused by our lack of care to our bodies, a little-added care to your body may be what you are missing. For example, if you are exposed to harmful chemicals for long periods of time, then all you need is to reduce the time you are exposed to those substances.
  • Another simple cure you may consider is taking a complete birth and for those who hurry the bathing process then try to slow it down. Some parts of your body are quite hard. Not every part you have is as soft as your face, thus some parts like your neck need thorough washing as compared to your face. This has proven to be a cure for many with neck acne.
  • Neck acne may be also be caused our poor dressing code. We all look good when we use tight straps. What we do not know is that some of the tight straps trap sweat on the neck and the sweat that was meant to evaporate is left on the skin surface. This may cause skin acne. It is the main reason sometimes we are advised to take a shower after any sporting activities.
  • Avoiding some common behaviors we practice can also help. For example, there is no one who looks good when affected by this disease so we all try to eliminate them by popping them. This only causes them to migrate from one point to another because after picking them the purse containing the harmful bacteria or the sweat is transferred to another point which develops a new pimple. So by trying to stop to pop them, we control their spread in your body.
  • The use of benzoyl peroxide has proven to be helpful to those who have used It to fight neck acne. This product mainly kills the bacteria causing the skin and leaves your neck spotlessly attractive and pure.
  • People who have their causative agent of neck acne as exposure to chlorine are advised to take products rich in olestra.

It I also advisable for you to report any signs of neck acne on your body. Research done on the disease has revealed that early treatment will prevent scars from remaining on your skin after treatment.

How to prevent recurrence of neck acne

Acne just like any other disease will alwaRecurrenceys reoccur if the preventive measures are not taken. It is just like when you have a cold, you are advised to dress warmly, if not the cold will reoccur. Neck acne is no exception if your acne was caused by prolonged exposure to chlorine and you still working on a chlorine production company then the disease will definitely be back.The only bad thing with the reoccurrence of a disease is its resistance to medication.

From these, it is clear that for you to prevent the reoccurrence of neck acne, you should have a wide knowledge of what caused it and try to avoid coming into contact with the causative agent.


Acne is quite a dangerous if not treated. It sometimes leads to low esteem on those with the disease. It is evident that acne will always be caused by our practices especially those that have a negative impact on our health. It is thus advisable to always maintain good hygiene.A good diet apart from many other benefits it brings to your body will ensure that you have a pimple free skin.

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