August 4, 2017
how to pop a cyst

How to Pop A Cyst? – It Will Not Hurt As You Thought


How to pop a cyst? Oh dear! Does it hurt when popping it? These are always anxious questions inside my head when I got a cyst. A cyst is a growth forming in your body that contains liquid and might need removing. Normally, it will disappear without treatment, but in some cases, a cyst could cause me inconvenience and pain as well. Thus, I had better take it away before the indication of an infection.

Today I will provide you with some useful tips on how to pop a cyst on different parts of your body including armpit, face, eyelid, and mouth.

You probably want to learn more about bumps on forehead. In this post, I have talked about why they do not go away from your front.

How does it look?

how to pop a cystMost of the cysts are a dome-shaped and round lump. It could be white or yellow, and you will see a tiny dark plug. That plug is where the pus will come out if your cyst is squeezed. In general, cysts have a variety of sizes, sometimes small like a pea, and sometimes big as several centimeters.

As I mentioned above, cysts do not often give you an intense pain. However, a cyst can be tender, red, and sore in case it is infected. The clearest sign is bad smelling pus comes out of that cyst, so a medical treatment is required.

Cause of a cyst

how to pop a cystRegarding your skin, protein, which strengthens and gives your skin flexibility, called keratin is produced by several cells in the top layer. Those cells will move above your skin because they die, and then you could shed them easily.

Nevertheless, some of them go deep into your skin leading to a sack. Then, they will hide the keratin into the sac forming a yellow and thick paste which will ooze out when the cyst is open.

In fact, everybody faces the risk of having a cyst. To be more specific, individuals who have suffered from acne, puberty and your skin got injured in the past, are prone to this. Remember that cysts are not contagious.

How to pop a cyst

This is the most important part of today post. Before showing you the right way deal with your cyst in different areas of your body, here is the basic guide that could be used for most situations.

How to pop cyst with a needle

To have a successful and safe extraction, please follow these steps

Step 1: Get your hands clean

Use a soap or cream cleanser and warm water to wash your hands. Dry them with a towel. Make sure that everything is clean to reduce the risk of infection later.

Step 2: Clean the area your cyst develops

Clean and exfoliate that area gently. Or if you want to soften the pus, you could take a shower with warm water. Another way is to use a washcloth that was under hot water. After wringing it out, put it on the cyst area for around 5 minutes.

Step 3: Sterilize the needle

To prevent the infection, you need to sterilize your needle by passing through the flame. Then, cool it down and rub it with alcohol.

Step 4: Sterilize the cyst

Dab the alcohol on your cyst as well as the surrounding area. Always make sure that your hands are clean. Latex gloves will be another suggestion if you do not want your hands to touch that area directly.

Step 5: Pop the cyst

  • Keep your needle parallel to the skin
  • Pierce the white head with the same direction
  • Pierce it across not down to prevent the bacteria from going deeper into the skin
  • Rip the skin by pulling the needle upward. Therefore, a tiny hole will be created which help the pus come out safely. This will ensure that there is no damage to your skin later

Those are 5 basic steps that you need to take for a safe extraction.

How to pop a cyst under armpit

Sometimes, a cyst needs popping to let the symptoms go away. A needle will be required to pop your cyst successfully. When you see the white head, you could apply the method that uses the needle above. Make sure that you get everything clean. Be careful because you might face the possibility of reappearing.

How to pop a cyst on face

how to pop a cystApply the exactly the 5 essential steps with the needle to pop the cyst on the face. Wait until the white head shows up or when it turns red or sore. Again, all things that touch the cyst and the surrounding area are completely clean and sterilized. Trust me! You do not want it to be infected.

How to pop a cyst on eyelid

how to pop a cystUsually, your eyelid cyst will disappear after several weeks without causing any pain or harm. Despite this, when it enlarges or gets worse, you should see a doctor because you might need a removal surgery.

For those who want to pop it at home, please strictly follow those 5 steps above with extreme caution because it could be very dangerous. Remember to maintain a good personal hygiene that will not spread the bacteria.

How to pop a cyst in mouth

Different from other types of cysts, the mucous cyst is caused by poor hygiene, bitten inner lip, mouth infections, lip piercing, or some drugs thickening saliva. My suggestion is to apply natural remedies or consult with your doctor.

If you choose to pop it, please pay attention to your dental hygiene, especially squeezing it out by applying the steps mentioned above with the needle.


I hope that you are interested in this guide and now how to pop a cyst in the right and safe way. One thing I want to remind you is keeping everything as clean as possible. If you have any questions, leave a comment for discussion. Last, do not forget to like and share this article with your friends.

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