June 7, 2017
solve my acne

If you miss your teenage years, there is one thing you probably never miss: acne. In my teenage, my face had lot of acne and they caused me a lot of trouble. One day, I was stung on my face by a swarm of bees and badly swollen. After few days, the swollen of my face receded and miraculously, the hateful acne gone away too. Hooray lovely bees!

solve my acne
In my memory

Acne vs Age. How can I solve my acne problem? 

Unfortunately, breakouts are not just limited to teenagers, actually, most women still encounter pimples even as they battle wrinkles. A research in 2012 published in the Journal of Women’s Health, researchers found that acne affected about 1/2 of all women aged 21-30 years. The study also discovered that acne affects 1/4 women aged 31-40 years and 12% of women aged 41-50 years. These statistics show that regardless of your age, pimples are likely to stalk you at some point in your adult life. By now, you must be wondering, how can I solve my acne problem?

Why does acne appear?

Before answering the question How can I solve my acne problem?, it is important to explain why breakouts occur. In most women, hormonal imbalances due to menstrual cycle or menopausal shifts are responsible for these pimples. However, in adults, acne flare-ups are much more complex than just hormones. According to Michael Murry, co-author of The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine and a naturopath, pimples during adulthood is a sign of an underlying problem. These underlying problems may range from stress-related issues to dietary imbalances.

Solutions for acne

  1. Using Tea Tree oil
    solve my acneOil from this plant has been used for years to combat mild to moderate breakouts. The oil which is derived from leaves of the Tea Tree has antibacterial properties. This helps in reducing bacteria that cause acne on the skin and fight infection in skin cells. A lot of research has been conducted to authenticate these claims. Researchers have concluded that the plant is packed with healing compounds which fight various maladies including yeast infections.
  2. Stress management
    According to Beth McLellan, MD and dermatologist at NYU Langone’s solve my acneJoan H. Center for Women’s Health in New York City, stress does not cause skin problems on its own, rather it aggravates an existing condition. Researchers have never established why anxiety creates skin problems. However, they suspect that cortisol, a stress hormone stimulate oil glands and increase inflammation levels in the body leading to breakouts.
    To deal with stress-related acne, consider managing stress through meditation, exercise and other techniques that help in calming your mind as well as your skin.
  3. Reduce consumption of dairy products
    solve my acneIn 2006, a Harvard study established that women who drank more than 2 glasses of milk every day had a 20 percent risk of developing acne compared to women who drank about 1/2 glass per week. Other studies conducted in 2008 indicated that fat-free milk which normally contains more sugar compared to whole milk could be responsible for the skin condition.
    Another school of thought suggests that hormones in the dairy products cause breakouts. Ultimately, while researchers have not yet established which components in dairy products cause acne, the general consensus is that excess consumption of dairy products cause acne. This means that if you suffer from acne and regularly drink fat-free milk, you might have to consider reducing your milk intake or changing to nondairy milk products such as the nut or soy milk.
  4. Eat fewer refined carbs
    Can a healthy diet solve my acne? According to dermatologists, eating junk food which contains a high concentration of solve my acnerefined carbohydrates can cause skin problems.
    In a 2007 study, researchers in Australia found that subjects who followed a low-glycemic diet experienced a 22 percent decrease in breakouts, unlike other participants who ate high-glycemic foods. Researchers concluded that high insulin levels from carbs are likely to set off an avalanche of hormones that causes inflammation of follicles. This increases sebum production resulting in breakouts.
  5. Moisturizing dry skin
    solve my acneDry skin is normally prone to many problems including eczema, rosacea, and acne. Dry skin is not just a source of embarrassment, it is also a constant source of irritation.
    Trying to deal with dry skin using wrong techniques can backfire on you and aggravate the problem. While moisturizing the skin seems like an ideal way of solving skin problems, going about it the wrong way tends to create more complications especially if you use ready-made moisturizers which contain alcohol and fragrances.
    The first step towards solving the problems associated with dry skin involves drinking enough water to make sure your body is hydrated. In addition, you need to use natural moisturizers that contain helpful ingredients such as jojoba oil and cocoa butter.
    Once you solve hydration problems, acne on dry skin is a lot easier to manage. The next step to solving the acne problem on dry skin involves using gentle cleansers, hydrating the skin again and treating acne blemishes using natural products containing vitamin A which is good for rejuvenating the skin.


Using the above methods should answer your question about how to solve my acne problems. Ultimately, the solution to adult breakouts must involve identifying the underlying cause and solving that problem to treat, manage and prevent acne.

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