August 10, 2017
drinking on accutane

All You Need To Know About Drinking On Accutane


One of my friends will celebrate his birthday next week and we plan to drink some alcohol. However, the only problem is that I am on Accutane and I have used it for a period of time. I worry that this act would badly affect my health, so I looked for the warning on both alcohol and Accutane. Do you think it will be safe as drinking on Accutane? Let’s begin to find out more about this issue with me.

What is Accutane?

drinking on accutaneIn medicine, Accutane is a form of vitamin A. It is clear to see that oil glands release oil, thus Accutane features as lowering the amount of oil. Additionally, Accutane also assists your skin to renew quickly.

Almost people, especially women, always worry about acne. They use different kinds of medication to prevent acne; however, if they don’t bring any effective results, Accutane will be the last method. In reality, Accutane can treat serious nodular acne.

Above are just some of many functions of Accutane. Accutane may be used in different cases for different purposes; however, they are not listed in this medication guide.

How does Accutane work?

drinking on accutaneOn a cellular level, we cannot really know how Accutane works. However, the only important thing is that Accutane has an influence on fours ways of acne that they develop.

  1. Thanks to Accutane, the size of your skin’s oil glands will greatly reduce from 35% to 58%. More surprisingly, the amount of oil that is produced by these glands also reduces up to 80%.
  2. Acne bacteria (P.ances) live in the skin and are activated more strongly in skin oil. As mentioned above, Accutane reduces oil, thus the number of acne bacteria also reduce.
  3. It slackens the skin’s level of producing skin cells inside the pore; hence pores will not become clogged.
  4. Another bonus point is that it has anti-inflammatory

How Long Does It Take For Accutane To Work?

drinking on accutaneSome patients realize the Accutane’s effect on their skin in about two weeks, while accutane may take others up to four months. It is not easy to classify an individual into which category, however, it is usual to see that Accutane takes from one to two months.

One fact: patients who have peeling and dry skin are advised to hope that their blemishes will improve immediately after using Accutane.

If you are disappointed that your acne does not disappear in a few months, do not throw Accutane into the trash bin. If your acne is in your trunk, be patient because Accutane may take over four months to affect your skin.

What should I avoid?

drinking on accutane

  • It is extremely important to avoid using any kind of cream if you are on Accutane. Particularly if they contain benzoyl peroxide! Neither will they help your acne become better nor treat you if you first get acne, they might only make your situation become worse. Just use lotions or moisturizers that appropriate for you as well as only use them in the case needed.
  • Don’t use vitamin A while you’re taking Accutane. This is because Accutane is the derivative of vitamin A. Using both of them can lead to potentially serious effects.
  • Avoid devoting your blood if you’re taking Accutane. If you have to, you should do it after your treatment has done, at least one month later. Your blood in the period of therapy may bring potential harm to the others.

drinking on accutane

  • Especially, Accutane is contraindicated in pregnancy. Moreover, avoid getting pregnant while using because it can easily lead to birth defects; Therefore, you should take precautionary measures to prevent this case from happening.
  • I don’t mean that you should not join in any sports because not all people have the same physical strength. However, carefully notice your body’s reaction with Accutane. In case you want to play any sports, such as lift weighting, let try but remember to monitor any reactions of your body. You may also need to measure how much strength you need to spend to do it easily.
  • While on Accutane, make sure not to take any other kind of treatments.
  • Visit your doctor as soon as when you find any unusual things or you are in pregnancy accidentally while treating.
  • Can you drink on Accutane? Actually, you should not use alcohol while you are treating with Accutane. This will kill you gradually. It’s because your liver takes the responsibility of metabolizing this medication. So if you use any alcohol, Accutane may cause side effect and make your liver mild dysfunction. As a result, completely against alcohol if you are undergoing therapy.

What should I do to take care of my skin?

drinking on accutaneMake your skin more moisture if it becomes uncomfortable or dried out. All you really need is a kind of basic moisturizer. There’s no need for you to use the upmarket one because it might not bring any differences apart from moisturizing your skin.

  • Using mild cleanser to wash your face carefully about just only twice in a day. Washing only once a day would also be acceptable.
  • You can absorb fat while on Accutane; however, not overuse. There are many opinions about this. Some people think that it would be better if taking Accutane together with a completely coarse meal; while the other support to go out, then taking it with a Mcdonalds meal at a high amount of fat. However, that is not the point. Actually, all of the things you eat contain a certain fat amount; therefore, it’s mean that you can eat fat provided it in control.
  • Ingesting each pill with a glass of water which is full will be good!

Those instructions above are quite easy to follow. All you need to do is to take the pills with full glasses of water as well as pay more attention to your diet. Especially, let your face comfortable and carefully take care of the body.

Final thoughts

Accutance, which is also called isotretinoin, is in the top effective and powerful ways of treating severe acne in its market. If you want to get out of this situation quickly, not only must you against drinking on Accutane but also follow a suitable diet as well as take Accutane properly.

drinking on accutane

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