May 18, 2017
does smoking weed cause acne

Does Smoking Weed Cause Acne?

Some articles I posted before, I refer to acne and non-comedogenic. Today, I’d like to be with you answer the question: Does smoking weed cause acne?

Life is very depressing and stressful sometimes and having weed is what you need to do to relax. Many people around us have tried weed once in their lifetime and some continue taking it as a habit.

Well apart from the distressing and relaxation that it gives it can also be connected with acne. You may notice that you are getting acne breaking out immediately after you smoke week. And so many people wonder and question: does smoking weed causes acne?

What is weed exactly?

Weed is a slang term for Marijuana or Marihuana or Cannabis


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Before we find out the connection between your skin and weed lets first find out what weed is exactly made of. I am sure you have never thought of this question while you smoke weed but trust me this information will tell you about the connection between your skin and weed. Generally, weed is grown from the cannabis plant. Yes, we all know this. The plant has three kinds: cannabis indica, Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis ruderals. Experts have found around 483 kinds of compounds in it however not every compound has been investigated. Let’s just focus on three compounds here:

  • THC: This compound is easily very popular if you are familiar with the weed. It is made when the weed is heated and dried. It combines with the receptors into your nervous and immune system to get you relaxed.
  • THCA: This THCA compound is present before it is dried or heated. You will find this compound in raw weed. It also has anti-inflammatory substances that address the cases of lupus.
  • CBD: This compound of weed is said to have antipsychotic, anti-nausea and anti-anxiety qualities. For human skin, CBD is said to be good when used against acne. It is a kind of oil that gives lots of skin advantages including the moisturizing effects and anti-inflammatory.

But how does smoking weed cause acne?

The main connection between acne and smoking weed includes the chemical THC and hormone testosterone. As

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mentioned above THC is the major cause that you feel high after taking weed. Whereas Testosterone is a kind of male hormone which is found in both women and men. When anybody smokes weed, THC increases the testosterone level causing your skin to make excess sebum. This excessive oil clogs the pores and causes the skin breakouts and acne.
Your skin’s subjection to smoke is one major reason that you get acne and breakouts after smoking weed. Even though it is not a particular cause of pimples but it can increase the existing acne you have. Whenever you exhale weed and the skin soaks it, the production of collagen is slowed down. This happens because of the compound named hydrocarbons. It has hydrogen and carbon. As the chemicals go and accumulate within the skin irritation takes place. Collagen is said to be a very important part in skin’s structure and it is said to make your skin elastic and supple. It helps in repairing your skin but with less collagen, the zits take a long time to heal.

Side effects of smoking weed

  • Deficiency of vitamin D: Having weed regularly can deplete your body of essential minerals and vitamins that are required to keep the skin in right shape. It also indulges in a deficiency of vitamin D that is basically the important part in getting acne free and clear skin. With the deficiency of vitamin D not only you get acne but also many skin problems like premature aging and psoriasis.
  • Reduced immune system: Immune reduction usually happens to people who smoke weed because of the cannabinoid properties. As you take weed it causes the release of MDSC and these cells can reduce the immune system. With low immunity, our body finds it very difficult to fight the bacteria which can cause side effects to your skin. As the bacteria multiplies both on your skin and inside the body acne breakouts occurs.
  • Cravings: Carving is another side effect of weed. The reason for your increased appetite is THC that is present in your weed. It causes the olfactory bulb into your brain that makes the food smell and tastes good. This may leave you to crave for sugar and fatty foods and these are the food items that you avoid for having clear skin.

How to increase the positive effects and reduce the side effects of weed?

Now we can conclude that acne is not the necessary cause of weed itself rather its delivery is. Generally talking smoking in any form is bad for your health as well as skin. It makes your skin dry. Additionally, smoking can even irritate the current skin situation, including rosacea and psoriasis. So instead of having weed by smoking, you can either apply it on your skin or even ingest it. After all, weed has THC which is an antioxidant that has anti-inflammatory properties which help you in dealing with acne. Nowadays weed is even used in face creams but its benefits are still questionable.

Protect your skin while weed smoking:

If you still wish to smoke weed after all these negative effects that it causes to your health then you may. But make certain that you use these tips to protect yourself:
Drink lots of water: Whenever you smoke a little amount of moisture from your skin is lost and to bring it back you need to make sure that you are having enough water. Avoid drinking carbonated drinks as well as alcohol.

2. Moisturize your skin: Invest into a good moisturizer and use it daily or after every weed smoking session. Also, make sure to smoke away from your face.

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So we can say that smoking weed can cause acne in some indirect and direct ways. If you notice an increase in your acne after smoking weed and have some other changes that are mentioned above it is important that you make necessary changes in your life to help your health and skin. If you are able to take weed by a different method than smoking then you should go for that. Having it internally or using it directly does not damage your skin much but gives benefits from THC. If you have no other method for consumption simply eat healthily, take supplements and stay hydrated. All this sounds hard but they are the only way to healthy and clear skin apart from quitting weed.
I hope that after reading this article, you have found the answer to this question: Does smoking weed cause acne?

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