August 8, 2017
argan oil for acne

Argan Oil for Acne – The Secrets Behind The Legendary From Africa


Argan oil for acne treating – A good natural curing may you not know.
Argan oil is a common beauty item that can be used for a wide range of purposes. For long, argan oil has been an essential ingredient in many hair care products such as shampoos or hair serum to give you smooth and shiny hair. But when it comes to treating acne with argan oil, a lot of people are still hesitant about the result.

argan oil for acneIt is understandable for people to question the effectiveness of argan oil in the battle against acne especially when we are all surrounded by thousands of skin care products that claim to eliminate our acne. However, I can assure you that argan oil has been clinically proven to be able to get rid of acne and restore your glowing look. The key, in fact, lies in how to best use argan oil for acne, which can be presented in the next parts of the article.

What causes acne to our skin?

Before we start, we should first find out why your skin is prone to acne, or in other words, what causes acne in the first place. As you may have known, our skin produces its natural oil to protect the skin while giving us a young look. This natural oil is called sebum.

Most people only start developing acne from their puberty, which causes certain hormones in our bodies to increase and subsequently makes our skin produce more sebum than needed. Excessive amounts of sebum block the pores of our skin and result in a favorable environment for bacteria to develop. Acne, blackheads, and pimples will start to grow as a result. After puberty, changes in hormones will continue to trigger the development of acne.

What is argan oil?

argan oil for acneAlthough argan oil is widely used as a beauty care product, not many people understand about the origin and component of argan oil. If you wish to use any product for your skin, you must always check to make sure that you fully understand what that product is made up from.

argan oil for acneArgan oil is extracted from the kernels of the Moroccan argan tree. Apart from being used for cosmetic purposes, pure argan oil can also be used like a normal oil which can be eaten or served with foods. Argan oil contains numerous beneficial components such as vitamin E, carotenes, and loads of fatty acids.

argan oil for acneTherefore, argan oil is considered an excellent option for nourishing and moisturizing our hair and skins. And what makes it even better is it’s completely natural and packed with antioxidant properties. What more can we ask from a cosmetic product?

Benefits of argan oil for acne prone skin

Now that you are clear about why you break out, and you know that argan oil is good, you may still wonder how argan oil can be effective in preventing your skin from acne. Isn’t too much oil the reason why your skin becomes prone to acne?

In fact, argan oil is a wonderful remedy for acne prone skin. Moreover, you can count on argan oil for cystic acne or argan oil for face cause acne as well. Here’s why:

When your skin produces excessive sebum, the use of harsh facial cleansers or washers will make the situation work. Those over-the-counter products will strip away both dirt and the natural oil of your skin, leaving your skin dry. As a result, your skin will release more oil to compensate for the loss. On the contrary, by using argan oil, your skin will balance its oil production, and bacteria won’t be able to further develop on your skin to cause blackheads or pimples.

Another amazing benefit of argan oil is that it offers plenty of vitamin E and anti-inflammatory features. Vitamin E in argan oil will help nourish your skin while repairing damaged skin cells. Not only will your skin be free from acne but your skin will soon become smooth and flawless with no more acne scars. Since argan oil is a natural remedy, you can easily use argan oil for pregnancy acne without concerning about serious side effects.

How to best use argan oil for acne

Like many other skin care remedies, argan oil only works best when you know how to use it properly, especially those who are suffering from acne. Improper use of argan oil or any other products can make your conditions worse instead of fixing your problem. We understand the pain of having to live with bad skins. Therefore, we have compiled the tips below to help you fight acne and even acne scars with argan oil.

Treating acne with argan oil

argan oil for acne

  • To start using argan oil for your acne prone skin, you should first make sure that your skin is not allergic to the oil. Try testing the product on a tiny area of your cheek and leave it for 24 hours to see if there’s any allergic symptom. As a natural oil, it is unlikely for argan oil o trigger any allergic reaction, but you must not skip the testing step.
  • When you know that you are not allergic to argan oil, you can start incorporating argan oil into your skin care routine. Before applying the oil, you should wash your hands thoroughly. Next, squeeze a small amount of oil onto your palm and gently rub it onto your face with circular motions.
  • After having massaged your face (except for the eye area) with argan oil, wash your face again with lukewarm water. You can cleanse your face with argan oil once or twice a day for optimal results.
  • Be patient. You won’t notice any difference after a couple of times using argan oil. You may even suffer from worse break-out in the first few However, your skin will soon adapt to the treatment, and it will get better. Experts recommend that you should use argan oil for up to 2 months to achieve the best result.

Treating acne scars with argan oil

To get rid of the unpleasant acne scar marks on your skin, you can refer to the steps listed above. Again, it requires a long time for the scars to heal and fade away. Consistent use of argan oil will help blur and eradicate your acne scars as long as you are willing to invest your time and efforts.


With so many skin care products these days, it can be tough to decide which one you should use to treat your skin. Nevertheless, with all of the amazing benefits that argan oil has to offer, we highly recommend that you give it a try. It is natural, it is affordable, and more importantly, it is effective in acne treatment. Strongly hope that this post is useful for you and you will be able to apply our tips into your effort in restoring the loveliness of your skin.

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