August 20, 2017
coffee scrub for acne

Coffee Scrub for Acne – An Effective Home Remedy You Need to Know


coffee scrub for acne

Coffee is a familiar type of drink for many people. It helps you refreshed and full of energy, but do you know that coffee is also rich in antioxidants, organic acids, minerals, potassium, magnesium, and iron, which are very good for beauty.

In particular, linoleic acid in coffee also helps prevent aging, anti-inflammation and increase skin elasticity. Scientists have demonstrated that the vitamin and niacinamide components contained in coffee grounds are also available as an antibiotic for the skin. So, you can use it as a coffee scrub for acne efficiently.

I will give you more details about how it works on your skin to treat acne in this article.

Why coffee helps to treat and prevent acne

It is clear that coffee contains a large amount of caffeine. However, there are many other beneficial components in coffee that are not only good for health but also good for your skin if you use it in a right way:

  • Antioxidants, a substance that is found abundantly in fruits and vegetables.
  • Chlorogenic acid, which is abundant in potatoes, has a very effective to treat blackhead.
  • Minerals including zinc and sulfur, which have anti-inflammatory and antibiotic effects. Zinc supports skin care as a leading vitamin A component, while sulfur acts as an antiseptic and helps control the amount of oil on the skin. Both of these minerals are ideal if you have oily skin, large pores or acne.
  • Diterpene, which increases serum levels and bad cholesterol.

How to use coffee powder to make coffee scrub for acne

There are many ways to make a scrub from coffee, here are 3 of them that I recommend:

1. Combine coffee with honey and lemon

coffee scrub for acne


  • Pour the coffee powder into a small bowl, add a little pure honey with two tablespoons of lemon juice (a half of a lemon)
  • Mix them well
  • Clean your face with water, then apply the mixture on
  • Massage lightly and regularly, especially apply to acne areas like around the nose
  • Relax for about 10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with water.

By doing this, you not only eradicate acne but also make your skin brighter and reduce the secretion of oily skin, which is suitable for acne-prone skin care. In fact, it is the minerals and acids in coffee powder which penetrate deeply and suppresses the formation of melanosomes effectively.

This is a perfect and interesting solution to bring you smooth clear skin and prevent the formation of acne. You can use this instead of spending too much money on other acne cream or acne medication for your acne treatment.

  1. Combine coffee with yogurt


  • Use ½ cup coffee powder with 3 tablespoons unsweetened yogurt, mix well into a homogeneous mixture.
  • Apply the mixture all over face and massage gently
  • Relax for 15 – 20 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with water.

This should be applied about twice a week to get rid of nasty acne. The use of coffee powder combined with yogurt not only helps smooth skin clear acne but also anti-aging effect and lighten the skin quite effectively.

  1. Combine coffee with olive oil

coffee scrub for acne

  • Take 2 teaspoons of coffee powder and 2 tablespoons of olive oil and mix well.
  • Apply the mixture all over your face and massage gently
  • Then, when the mixture is dry, wash your face with cold water.

Olive oil helps moisturize the skin and antioxidants in coffee help rejuvenate your skin easily.

What type of coffee powder you should use to make coffee scrub

coffee scrub for acne


You can choose any type of coffee powder to make a coffee scrub at home. Moreover, there are many brands that provide coffee powder as a beauty product. It’s really convenient to buy one such as Arabica coffee scrub or Body blendz coffee scrub.

Who should use coffee scrub

  • Using Coffee as a mask to clean your skin is suitable for those who have the oily or combination skin type because coffee will clean the pore deeply, prevent the formation of acne and blackhead as well
  • For those who have dry and sensitive skin type, I don’t recommend you to use this scrub frequently because your skin is less elastic and it might cause skin irritation.

When to use coffee scrub for acne

If you see there are some hidden acnes or dead cells, it’s time to make this scrub because it will prevent the formation of acne from dirt. Furthermore, this method will help your skin bright and soft.

Besides, in the morning, you should use cotton gauze dipped in warm coffee to wipe the face, then rinse with clean water.

Note: You should only use this kind of scrub as a normal one about 1-2 times per week.

How to use coffee scrub for acne in back

coffee scrub for acne

Here is a method for eliminating acne on the back from coffee and sea salt:

  • First, dilute the salt in the bath and soak for about 30 minutes.
  • Then, mix the coffee scrub with salt and some water to make a thick paste.
  • Apply on your back about 15-20 minutes, then clean skin with warm water.

Besides, you can use yellow sugar instead of salt to mix with coffee powder.


Today there are many products for acne treatment, but you can also use familiar materials to create a product for yourself. Take advantage of this simple method for healthy skin.

Coffee scrub for acne will bring a sense of safety to you, so remember to persist in applying this way instead of spending a lot of money on other cosmetics. I hope my post will be helpful for you. Thank you for reading the whole article and wish you do this successfully and have a healthy skin!

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