June 5, 2017
acne facial

Acne is a skin problem that many people all over the world suffer from. Unfortunately, it can make a person very aware of how angry and red their skin looks. Over time this can really effect a person. It’s self-confidence and this can be very damaging to them. Here are some ideas on how to get rid of acne easily that you might want to try out doing an acne facial at home.

One of the first things you need to know about ridding yourself of acne is that skin products with oil in them are no good. Using products like this clogs the skin pores and can make acne much worse than it was previously. So check the ingredients of any product before you use them and discount any that contain oil.

How to do an acne facial at home

  1. Acne facial for normal skin type: this is the type of skin all of us would like to have. It is neither too dry or too oily. If you are experiencing mild acne, try pore strips and facial or peel-off masks once a week to get rid of hardened oil from pores instead of using daily astringents. Strips and masks are most effective after a facial steam which softens and loosen the sebum.
    Apply an abundance of moisturizer, a minimum of twice per day and sooner right after cleansing while the surface of the skin remains damp. Reapply moisturizer any time your skin begins to feel tight.
    Facial scrubs containing either glycolic or lactic acid are suggested. Concentrate the application of acne medication to only those regions affected by pimples to reduce the risk of over drying patches of skin.
  2. Acne facial for oily skin type: oily skin requires washing twice or three times per day to hold sebum from accumulating. But be cautious to never to overdo it. Cleaning more often can over-dry the face, create flakiness and make oil glands release more oil to compensate. Seek water based acne products containing either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Stay away from any products containing coconut oil, cocoa butter, or cinnamon.
    Exfoliate your skin once or twice weekly but without over scrubbing. Pimples on oily skin call for the constant use of medicines, pads, and peel-off or facial masks to maintain pores free from excessive oil and dirt build up.
  3. Acne facial for combination skin type: this type is a bit tricky. Typically, the cheeks are dry or normal, while the nose, forehead, and chin are typically oily. This demands the usage of a mild cleanser to clean the face two times a day, and the application of a water-based moisturizer.
    As far as acne medications go, use a spot treatment applied just to places where acne is present. Medicated pads are most convenient in such a case. In case you are experiencing no pimples, just blackheads or whiteheads across the so-called T-zone ( the area that extends from the forehead down to the nose and chin) using pore strips will aim at these areas effectively.
  4. Acne facial for sensitive skin type: sensitive skin is generally dry, so follow the above suggestions for dry skin, but be sure to select acne products free of alcohol, fragrances, or acids. Instead, look for products containing all organic ingredients like chamomile, aloe, green tea, or tea tree oil. Apply a cream-based moisturizer in the morning and night.

Following the above suggestions should improve the condition of your skin greatly in just a few weeks.

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